The «Seven in the Past» is a sequel of the historical experiment «Alone in the Past». This time, seven people, men and women, are going to live for nine months from December to September on a early medieval farm with a huge cottage in the center. Without electricity, modern facilities and communications. The participants are allowed to use only authentic medieval clothing, tools, equipment and food.


for making a documentary film about the project

Partners for the media coverage of the project

creating an information block or a newsline about the project on partners’ websites

Sponsors and investors

who want to help the project with money

Technical sponsors

who want to help the project with tools

Archeologists, experts in the Ancient Russia

who want to consult and comment the project


who want to consult the project and examine the participants


who want to help during the preparatory stage

Foreign participants

who want to travel to Medieval Russia
ратоборцы валят дерево

The preparatory stage — from December, 2015 to July, 2017. Historical experiment is going to take place at a new site with meadows, hills, river and forest, away from highways and noisy neighbors. You can monitor the project and learn about the life in Medieval Russia from

The participants have a task: not just to survive, but to establish a joint mode of life and to ensure supply of food to the end of the project, the date of which falls on the Harvest feast. If they want to finish the project as a thriving community, they should be engaged in agriculture and crafts.

months in the Middle Ages

Reconstruction of a dwelling

Archeological authorization

people on the farm

Total immersion

Cattle and animals

In the spring-2016 we’ll acquire several species of cattle and animals, which are very similar to the medieval ones. Only the best and the most adequate animals will be chosen for the active phase of the experiment.

It's easy to become a part of the living history.

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