“Times and Epochs” is a city historical festival combining a reliable and reconstructive concept as a way of transferring historical knowledge with free access and comfortable environment of a modern metropolis. The Moscow government for ten years has supported the author’s project of the “Ratobortsy” Agency.

Each summer historical sites appear on the Boulevard Ring, representing daily life and heroic aspects from different periods.
Authentic costumes, new texture and sound. Noisy sites at the city crossroads are replaced by atmospheric locations in secluded places of old Moscow. Аmong the participants of the festival you can find famous artists, talented artisans and great narrators.

Festival unites everyone. The Venice Carnival and the World Youth Festival, the World Cup and the Oktoberfest - these events determine the tourist routes, create the infrastructure and environment for communication of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Finally, it is a point of pride – for the host city, participants and guests.

In 2020, the Moscow History Festival will be held for the tenth time. It has come a long way from the thematic weekend in the park to the largest historical event in Europe.

The tenth anniversary of “Times and Epochs” opens a new chapter in the history of the festival. What will it be in the next 10 years and how will it change the capital?

A grand international festival becomes an attraction point for world tourist flows thanks to a large-scale media activity. Hundreds of thousands of guests can watch this great event. The festival is the only one of its kind in the whole world.

Huge historical dolls, platforms with decorations, thousands of reenactors from all over the world in the costumes of 20 centuries of history pass along Tverskaya Street on June 12, the Day of Russia. The first parade doll, a 4-meter sailor of the 18th century, has already taken part in the 2019 festival. In total, it is planned to make 10 different dolls.

The big city has great opportunities: different locations for different events. The boulevards are ideal for quiet historical walks. As for the parks, they have all the conditions for large-scale mass reenactment first of all, of course, for historical battles.

The festival team has experience in developing one-time events in major international projects. Thus the joust during the “Times and Epochs” 2013 has become the largest tournament in the world. Moscow is the center of the XVII century Russian history. It is preserved in buildings, street names, customs of the citizens and the in Kolomenskoye park. A large-scale epoch reenactment will return to the festival programme in 2020.

A strong brand unites all projects in its chosen area. The audience receives a common entry point into a wide variety of formats and products. The environment around the brand creates new needs and expands the reach of the audience.

"Times and Epochs" are able to unite all historical projects of Moscow. Night of museums, days of cultural and historical heritage, a parade of trams and other events become part of Moscow historical brand.

The teaser of the festival takes place in winter at the museum sites of the city expanding the programme of citywide cultural events.

History becomes a new format of urban leisure.


  • The Hungarian Cultural Center and the Old English Courtyard Museum: an evening of Hungarian historical music
  • Department of Culture: photo exhibition on Nikitsky Boulevard
  • Russian Post: the action "postcards from the past"

Dear friends-reenactors, please share your ideas with us: what would you like the festival to look like? What it needs? What would you like to present next time? We are open to even most crazy ideas and look forward to reading them!

Please send them to us via this form: Ideas