We help Russian television and cinema to film historical shows, documentaries and motion pictures. If you are working in a complex genre of costume movie, we can give you historical props, make your picture more spectacular, and most importantly — authentic.

We have been engaged in historical reenactment for a long time, so it’s usually hard for us to watch historical films: blunders, anachronisms, absurd costumes cause anguish and frustration. Therefore, the agency specialists have decided to correct this misunderstanding and create a department for the organization and consultation of filming, a workshop to produce historical props and a storehouse to keep them in.

«Ratobortsy» consult and produce props for films of any complexity: from costumes to household items. They also direct fight scenes, work with horses, prepare and conduct historical experiments, equip extras for any epoch, which the customer needs.

We participate in producing of documentaries and feature films, historical TV shows, music videos and commercials.
You can rent our props.
The most important thing: «Ratobortsy» produce only beautiful stories.

Your project — our realization

you have an idea, but nothing more exept the director and a camera?

Our idea and your partnership

we have promising ideas for cinema and TV

where we have acted in

Here you can find examples of several interesting projects with our participation. This is a depiction of the creative development of «Ratobortsy».

props and costumes

Props and historical costumes of «Ratobortsy» are kept in a huge storehouse, that occupies hundreds of cubic meters. You can come here, examine everything and select what you need.

faces in the frame

There are actors in our agency, who are ready to use great props in your film.
Look at these zestful men and beautiful girls.

Do you need special decorations?

«Ratobortsy» will realize any of your requests.

What experiments we’re talking about?

There are so many things in the field of history that are difficult to convey in words from a textbook — it is easier to blow something up than to tell several times how it looks like.
Ratoborian asset are:

  • Viking raids and arson of settlements;
  • destruction of «field fortifications»;
  • experiment of «comparative flotage» of Russian and Teutonic warriors;
  • our arrows spiked copies of chain mails more than once;
  • our medieval costumes are not dress for extras, but our precious and dearest things.

If you have unusual ideas

We are ready to bring them to life! So if you’re shooting a scientific broadcast or want to make your movie more dramatic and spectacular — you are welcome to our historic Experimentarium.