Times and Epochs — 2017

The Gathering

01 June, Thu
12 June, Mon

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This year «Times & Epochs» change the format. Now this is not just an event in Kolomenskoye dedicated to a particular period. The festival becomes a grand convent of 6,000 reenactors from around the world who will represent during 12 days the epochs from the antiquity to the XX century. «Times & Epochs. The Gathering» is a real exhibition of achievements in the reenactment domain, a platform for sharing ideas and experience.

In the framework of the «Times & Epochs», 5 festivals will be held in various parts of the capital. 25 topical venues will work around Moscow. Camps of reenactors are expected in parks, central streets and squares. The idea of the festival is to gather all the best from the world reenactment in the capital of Russia.

Various epochs will intertwine in the streets and in the parks into a single historical performance. Muscovites and tourists will walk around the center from one epoch to another, go to parks to watch Catherine the Great’s cavalcade, a combat between Roman legions and barbarians, or a camp of the Russian Imperial army.

«Times & Epochs» will begin on June 1 at the «Podmoskovnaya», a railroad station of the early XX century. By the retro-train reenactors representing all the eras of the festival will arrive.
In different parts of the park «Tsaritsyno» there will be camps of Petrine soldiers and in the «Kolomenskoye» — of Roman legionaries. On Tverskoy Boulevard, visitors will meet teams of reenactors from around the world. They will constantly replace each other, then leave to participate in park festivals, then return for informal communication with colleagues and guests. On Pushkin Square one can look at the everyday life of a monk, warrior and family of past epochs which will settle in transparent houses. Next to them archaeologists will process founds from excavations in Moscow. On the Vostochnaya street there will be a park of medieval siege machines. The Novy Arbat will become a fighting arena, where the best medieval warriors will compete in fencing. And on Chistoprudniy Boulevard, the guests will be transported to the second half of the XIX century, to the picturesque Sevastopol Promenade.

The Contest of Projects

«Ratobortsy» will help the best historical projects with money. For this purpose, the «Times & Epochs» contest will be held in the framework of the festival, with the prize pool of 9,000,000 rubles.

Foreigners also can take part in the contest! Presentation of the projects will be a great show for the guests of the festival.

Contact person

Daria Isaeva


Participants will enjoy comfortable accommodation and a rich cultural program — both historical and modern. In 12 days, reenactors will have time to work for their epoch, relax, see various sites, and explore the Capital’s beauty.

In addition to the above, there will be exhibitions, topical tours, and conferences. Moreover, the participants will enjoy a special program, for example, a gastronomic tour to unusual places in the capital.

We are awaiting reenactors not only as participants, but as tourists, too. Take your leave at the beginning of the summer — full-pledge relaxation is guaranteed!

01 June, Thursday
12 June, Monday

The festival is so vast that the information will be released gradually — on the official site,
and in the «Times & Epochs» official group.