«Ratobortsy» company is a permanent organizer of historical events and holidays of different subjects and scale since 2006: from home festivities to city festivals of international level covering the whole Millennium of our history — from ancient Russia to the era of Perestroika. Activities held by the agency have a high level of historical truth and authentic sense of being in the atmosphere of the past.
The basic principles of «Ratobortsy» are a thorough approach, attention to details and a maximum comfort for all participants and guests.

7-16 june 2019, Moscow

St. George Tournament

12-16 June 2019

invitation and clarification of all details by mail

announcement of your participation

official invitation for visa

help with delivery of people and requisite

meeting in the airport and transfer

accommodation in the hotel or historical camp

cultural program

interview, photos and video with your participation after the festival

Fulfill your dream — come to the historical festival in Russia!

We are always open to the dialog

If you need help or you don’t understand how to fill some document, you can ask us.


«Volundr» (Poland), «Amatu gildija» (Lithuania), Scott and Maggie King (USA).


Polish hussars under the command of Mr. Jaroslaw Struczynski (Poland).


«The Company of St.George», international association, Joram van Essen (Holland), Arne Koets (Germany), Peter Ellingsen (Norway), «Birka boys» (Sweden), «Knights of Jerusalem» (Israel), Trondheim Vikings (Norway).


«Croix de Guerre» (Great Britain), «Living history society «1914-1921» (Great Britain), Historical Association IR 17 «Kronprinz» (Slovenia), «46-и пехотен Добрички полк» (Bulgaria), KPVH Pardubicko — I.R.98 (Check Republic), «Birka boys» (Sweden), «Ulfhednir» (Denmark).


Ivar Mauritz-Hansen (Norway), Arne Koets (Germany), «Legio X Gemina» (Italy), «Compagnia dell’Orso» (Italy), «AERA» Assosiation (France and Austria), «Omnis Barbaria» (Romania), «Knights of Jerusalem» (Israel), «Birka boys» (Sweden), «Koryvantes» Association of history studies (Greece), «HEI» Historical Education Initiative (Holland).


Birka boys (Sweden), Trondheim vikings (Norway), Mercenary druzjina «Baradj» (Bulgaria), Nordelag (Poland), Compagnia du nord (France), Volundr (Poland), White eagles (Serbia), Ulfhednar (Germany), Jomsvikings (group from different countries), Regnum Hierosolymitanum (Israel), Nortman (Israel).

Groups and individual reenactors who can recommend us.

Michella Lexander

viking group «Ulfhednir», Denmark
E-mail: mmlexander@gmail.com

Rickard Åkesson

«Trondheim vikings», Norway
E-mail: Rickard.akesson@hotmail.com

Debby Bristow

«Croix de Guerre», Great Britain
E-mail: Croix_de_lorraine@hotmail.com

Teletin Catalin George

«Omnis Barbaria», Romania
E-mail: Omnisbarbaria@gmail.com

Joram van Essen

knight from Holland, Historical Education Initiative
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Maggie King

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Arne Koets

knight from Germany
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Maciej Mackiewicz

«Nordelag», Poland
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Ivar Mauritz-Hansen

knight from Norway
E-mail: ivar@mauritz-hansen.net

Max Gullberg

«Birka boys», Sweden
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Anastasia Osminina