It allows us to create and realize ideas fully and accurately. Each new historical festival, city event, experimental project enriches us with interesting experience and gives effective feedback. Due to this approach we can implement several different project simultaneously.

Project management is the main type of activity for the «Ratobortsy». Almost all of them are connected with reenactment of different epochs and historical realities. Most of the projects are our own development — from general idea to afterparty.

In some projects there is a customer. Usually, the task is posed in general terms, and «Ratobortsy» come up with the best solutions and implement them. So, customers have to spend a minimum of time and effort.

«Ratobortsy» carry out historical projects from intimate festivals to international events that gather hundreds of thousands of spectators. The cycle of «Times & Epochs» festivals is the largest international project of «Ratobortsy», it has become a hallmark of the agency. Hundreds of foreign reenactors participate in it, and tourists come to Moscow from all over Russia and from abroad. In 2015 the agency launched the «St. George’s tournament» project — a real medieval jousting tournament with the best knights of the world.
We carry out projects in Moscow, Moscow region, Leningrad region, Kaliningrad, Ekaterinburg, the Crimea and Sevastopol. In regions we take into account their features and historical background, and try to fit the project into the local context.

We carry out projects in Moscow, Moscow region, Leningrad region, Kaliningrad, Ekaterinburg, the Crimea and Sevastopol. In regions we take into account their features and historical background, and try to fit the project into the local context.

Curiosity and scientific approach are the basis of professional reenactment. The core of Ratoborian experimental projects is working with historical sources and archeology. How quickly shoes were worn out in Ancient Russia? How much time it takes to dye fabric in the Middle Ages? We are looking for answers in the course of experiments, where experts from various spheres are involved.

An experiment «Alone in the Past» dedicated to survival in the XI century is over and there are many videos about it. We are preparing a sequel of the project — «Seven in the Past». It starts in December 2017 and lasts nine months. In particular, we develop a deep immersion program, which will give everyone an opportunity to live for some time in the early Middle Ages.

Ratoborian projects usually include historical fairs, musical and theatrical program, interactive activities for children and adults, food courts. Creators and coordinators of our projects are professional reenactors or specialized historians. This guarantees the historical authenticity of these events.

In ratoborian portfolio there are unique projects and reproducible ones. Some projests are originally conceived as a one-time event. If we decide to do such project again, it will be a sequel, not repetition. Historical project «Alone in the past» was a unique one. Other are easily reiterated at different venues. Such as, for example, the city festival «History street»

It’s an uncommon and interesting task — to combine several epochs in one project. «Ratobortsy» came up with some good solutions:

Crimean Military History Festival

This is a days-long project that introduces the basic milestones of history of the peninsula. Each day of the festival one of the main historical locations presents a special program. Other locations keep on working in an unhurried rhythm to create a historical context for the main epoch of the day.

History street

This is a city event, where along a boulevard there are many locations dedicated to the Russian history: from Ancient Russia to 80-s of XX century.

What we begun with

The «Ratobortsy» agency originated from a reenactment club «Ratobor». It brought together people who were interested in Russian history of IX-XI centuries.
Today, the club continues to work behind closed doors, not taking new members. And the «Ratobortsy» agency develops new epochs and makes experiments with different forms of their presentation.

Want to make a historical film?

«Ratobortsy» have a lot of stuff, decorations and experience to make a historical blockbuster.