«Ratobortsy» is a company which origins are in the historical reenactment movement. This team has created its own business niche. For almost 10 years «Ratobortsy» has implemented historical projects in the sphere of festivals and events, TV, documentaries, museology, experimental archeology, science and education.

With each of organized festival, museum exhibition, corporate event, filmed documentary, we become better and more efficient, increase our reserves of ideas and experiences.

At first glance, we are historians to the bone, we devise historical festivals, dress in authentic clothes and even our dreams are based on historical sources. This is true only in part. «Ratobortsy» are versed in everything from music and calligraphy to martial arts and physics. It is welcomed in the agency: only talented and diverse people can create truly unforgettable and profound projects.

Some of «Ratobortsy» work in the office, some in the field, some work 24/7, others join the team for certain festival. There are also volunteers, who are fans of history and help us through curiosity. The main thing are inspiring ideas, and there’s no problem to adjust working time.
P. S. We do not work with uninteresting ideas.

Denis Demin

general director

Timofey Kuznetsov

office manager

Andrey Volkov

project coordinator

Daria Isaeva

foreign participants coordinator

Dmitry Savchenko

project coordinator

Pavel Sapozhnikov

project coordinator

Vasily Tartyzhov

project coordinator

Andrey Boykov

photographer and designer

Anna Tyshenko

PR-manager of field projects

Innokenty Ordin

property man

Anton Burmistrov

property man

Artem Prikhodov

head of the workshop

Nikita Aksenov


Anastasia Leonevskaya

costume designer

Mikhail Susanov

executive director

Natalia Dolgaya

technical director

Dinasy Radov

assistant techincal director

Gulya Davkaraeva

office secretary

Timofey Bykovsky

buisenessman, partner of the agency

Natalia Iolve

budget manager

We used to make mostly historical festivals, but we have reached a new level and, have enough experience and resources to carry out city festivals, corporate events, team building programs, TV and cinema projects. We also manufacture and demise costumes, props and scenery of any epoch and theme.

media support

by our resources

working out a concept

and a scenario of an event

accurate plan

and meeting all deadlines

photographer’s service

shooting and editing

personal manager

responsible for the event
+7 495 215-29-26

We are open on weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00

If necessary, you may call at any time exept after midnight, the phone is always on. On weekends we usually work at festivals, but try to answer phone calls. If not, we’ll call back.

e-mail: info@ratobor.com

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From «Belorusskaya» metro station

At «Belorusskaya» (Zamoskvoretskaya line) go upstairs and turn right. By an underpass you get on Leningradsky Prospekt. Turn right and go under the bridge. Than go along the 1st Yamskogo Polya St. to 5th Yamskogo Polya St. Turn left. After 150 meters you will see a large gray building № 24/2. In the depths of the former factory there is the office of «Ratobortsy».

From «Savelovskaya» metro station

At «Savelovskaya» go upstairs climb the escalator upstairs to the underground station, turn right, then left. Move along the railway tracks, pass under the bridge and go on to the Pravda St. till yo find building 24/2 (its facade is hung with advertising and signs). Come inside and guided by pointers, move deeper to the office of «Ratobortsy».