Thousand swords battle

Mystery of the Viking Age

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15 July, Sat
15 July, Sat

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Kolomenskoye, Dyakovo Settlement

Confrontation of Vikings and Russians is going on! The Konung goes back to Russia and leads warriors from around the world. The Russian Prince is preparing for decisive battle, which will take place at the ancient settlement. The warlords aim to unite the faithful armies and attract the Balts, the Finno-Ugric peoples and the Slavs who settled around.

The warlords will nominate skilled commanders and earls, use tactical tricks and diplomacy. And the weapon of the Byzantine Embassy, which will visit the military camps, are thick wallets and sophisticated intrigues.

Blacksmiths will forge swords and arrowheads, engineers build siege weapons. Military craftsmen will knock up shields, weave chain mails, equip ships. Everybody should invest all his skills in the victory!

At the end of days the monstrous wolf Fenrir will break the shackles, swallow the sun, and plunge the world into darkness. Gods and heroes are going fight together in the battle against chthonic monsters. This ancient myth of the Elder Edda will run through the atmosphere of the «Thousand swords battle». Guests and participants will hear the legends of Ragnarök at the live concert of «Wardruna».

Epic concert

«Wardruna» is a Norwegian team playing Nordic folk-ambient based on Scandinavian legends. The atmospheric soundtrack for «Vikings» series made these Norwegians the superstars.

They have prepared a special program for the festival. The concert will take place at an unprecedented scene with fantastic decorations and lighting.

Military program:

  • Thousands swords battle
  • Fencing tournament
  • Groups-of-five competitions
  • Contest of the Prince and the Konung:
    • warlords’ oration
    • exhibition performance of squads
    • boat racing
  • Storm of the Viking Borg
  • Equestrian games

Preparing for war:

  • Making bows and arrows
  • Reconstruction of a Scandinavian shield
  • Military forges
  • Chain mail weaving
  • Construction of siege weapons
  • Shipwright master-class
  • Drills and individual training with swords, spears, shields

Peaceful activities:

  • Concert of «Wardruna»
  • Playground for children
  • Old Russian traders
  • Scenes from the early medieval life

The camps of Russians and Vikings will be located on the site of Dyakovo settlement in Moscow park «Kolomenskoye». This picturesque place was habitable from ancient times — the ancestors of a Finno-Ugric tribe used to live here. It is the oldest known settlement within modern Moscow.

We are looking for:

  • Technical partners that can help with building of authentic and modern stages for musicians and provide high-quality audio equipment.
  • Partners that will provide buses for the participants.

Please send proposals for partnership to

We are also waiting for initiatives from colleagues. If you want to lead a camp, sale super souvenirs, develop some direction — write to