Reconference 2017

17 March, Fri
19 March, Sun

8 495 215-29-26

Event format: a closed project, participation by invitation only.
Moscow, Pravdy Str., 23

The Reconference will gather well-known reenactors from Russia and abroad. The program includes discussion of problems, presentation of events, and initiation of the historical projects contest. The Reconference will be the prelude to the «Times & Epochs. The Gathering».

Current issues

  • Festival format. Prospects and development. Reformatting festivals into projects.
  • Reenactment and money: how to attract sponsors and money. Fundraising (the speaker — Ovcharenko A. A.).
  • Re-enactment as tourism: how and why reenactors become tourists.
  • Expert advice on firearms models. Creating a manual.

The official part

Presentations of reenactment projects. Speakers:

  1. Ovcharenko A. A. «Seven in the Past», «Historical parks. Augmented reality».
  2. Savchenko D. V. Project «Loco Cimbali».
  3. Aune Nilsen I., Åkesson R. Projects «The Viking way», «Hands on History».
  4. Nagorny S. Project «The Crimean war. The first assault».

Presentation of the contest of historical projects.
Presentation the grand festival «Times and Epochs. The Gathering» .

Today «Ratobortsy» is the largest organizer of historical reenactment events in Russia. Their coordinators and producers know how to organize festivals of any scale, where to get money, how to make documents and communicate with the authorities.
It’s time to share experience that will surely be interesting to the participants and useful.
Why is it necessary? Reenactment is changing. One has to be aware of the latest trends, bring the vision of these processes to reenactors, discuss the ways of cooperating with representatives of the community.

The «Times & Epochs»

contest of projects

«Ratobortsy» will support, with real money, interesting reenactment projects that will start, or will develop in 2017-2018. For this purpose, a competition is arranged. It has two pleasant features.

First,the absence of many conventionalities. Competent experts will evaluate the historicity and prospectivity of projects without too much paperwork, applications and unnecessary approvals. The expert committee will include respected reenactors and scientists.

Second, «Ratobortsy» are aware of the rates for projects of reenactors, so the amount of financial assistance will be considerable. The prize fund is 9 000 000 RUB.


There are no more secret

The Reconference will provide detailed information about the «Times & Epochs» international festival 2017. People keep asking about the idea and project details. We’ll share everything. We have a lot to tell about, as the project is reaching a new level.