Новый проект Ратоборцев — Городецкое гульбище. Август 1621

We are the team that organized «Times & Epochs» for the last nine years. In 2021 we will, however, not manage this festival you have known for all these years. We feel it our obligation to advise you on the reason for this.

The Moscow Government is still planning to hold a festival on boulevards, however, the Agency of historical projects «Ratobortsy» will not participate. This new festival does not reflect the original project that «Times & Epochs» was, right from the very beginning. We know little about the new city festival; possibly the format could stay the same, however, according to our information, less funds will be allocated to the event this year.

Vasily Tartyzhov, who was the head of «Times & Epochs» in the 2018-2019 years, leads the new festival. Our business relationship ended with him in March 2020. Now he is working in the company known as «Kipyatok» that manages «The day of the City» and other festivals of «Moscow Seasons». We are proud that our team has helped create excellent specialists and strong managers of historical projects such as Vasily. Our team wishes him and his colleagues from our old team success with the new festivals.

Our unwillingness to accept the new rules established for organizers of city festivals, and our refusal to integrate into the new system, has resulted in the non-prolongation of our contract by the Moscow Government. We were «strangers» in it, and it means to be the first to leave. As a result, we are now in litigation with our former customer, one of the autonomous non-profit organizations of the mayor’s office. That is unthinkable for the people of the system.

Follow the plans we have made for ourselves for this season on our websites and social networks.