In Biskupin there was also an early medieval settlement, and it is reconstructed as well.

The manor was built up in the form of horseshoe.

Houses are built in the region traditions. Walls covered with clay are grounded archaeologically.

Log houses are not a strong point in Europe, so the assemblage quality is low. However, this is not an error, in this region one can find much more «wrong» exemples. In some places, as in the photo, cups are strange, backward, it is wrong.

The roofs are mainly made of reeds.

There is a sod roof.

Details which close the gap between the gable and roof are concocted. There are no such details even in ethnography. Probably, they compensated flaws of cutting.

Roofs are fastened with pegs and tied rods. Everything is worthy.

A variety of bargeboards is presented: cane, board, plate or hurdle. Interesting versions.

Very nice design of the gate. It’s clear that there are no archeological grounds, but I’m fond of the logic and organicity.

Reconstruction of doors in Europe is poor. They are not similar to their prototypes. Again we find strange zigzag joining of boards, large size, narrow planks, pegs.

There is an incredibly cozy and cool pigsty in the settlement. Even we, rather experienced veterans, were taken up with it for a long time.

Hen hoop and chicken yard look very cool. There are no grounds, of course.

These sheds I like very much. An excellent example of non-standard material using.

A version of a smoke hole.

Shingle is made perfectly. By the way, it’s naturally cleft.

The pavements are not cleft, but scraped. Here we met a hare. These are very cool emotions!

Nice detail of the yard gate.

Another example how to use natural forms of wood. This is very correct.


Yard for small cattle.


Touching stones for goats. Animals enjoy them and they look great.

Undersized horses near the stable. Breed selection is good.

I like this simple and beautiful fence of twigs and branches.

The info and pass-through. Moss on the roof looks very noble. Unfortunately it will not work in our climate.

Any museum begins with a parking. Here it is made carefully and thoughtfully.

The entrance zone is markedly modern.