St. George’s Tournament — 2016

01 May, Sun
02 May, Mon

8 495 215-29-26


Moscow park «Kolomenskoye»

On the 1 and 2 of May 2016 in Moscow park «Kolomenskoye» the best knights from Russia, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands are going to compete in equestrian and unmounted contest. Eight participants, several dozens jousts according to the rules of the XV century: full contact, full target area, including the head. For the sake of glory and a rich prize!

There will be also a grand Renaissance fair at the «St. George’s tournament». We’ve prepared props, decorations, tents, counters, merchants’ costumes — according to medieval miniatures and manuscripts. Just take a look at handicraft signs of our merchants — jewelery, honey, spices, herbs, pots and plates, glazier, heraldist, felted hats and toys. All of this you’ll find on the Renaissance fair in historical tents.