Times & Epochs. The Border battle

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26 August, Sat
27 August, Sun

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park-reserve «Kolomenskoye»

In park-reserve «Kolomenskoye» reenactors will present to the guests of the festival an episode from the Russian-Polish war of 1654-1667. Tsar’s army will arrange a border battle with the Polish-Lithuanian forces, this large-scale event will be held within the framework of the festival «Times and Epochs. The Gathering». To recreate the way of life in the army of 17th century there will be build full-sized fortress and ground works, opened field camps of reenactors, where archers, reitars, gunmen and military artisans will be settled.

27 of August is the culmination of the festival. A large-scale staging of the battle between the armies of Moscow kingdom and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. A half of a thousand reenactors from all over Russia and Europe, a complex dramaturgy of various kinds of troops, field fortifications and special effects.

The fortress was built on the model of famous Albazin fortress of 1665-1681. This is not a decoration, but a real building in full size. It was created with the participation of experts in archeology and wooden architecture. The Fortress weighs 245 tons and consists of 1115 logs. On the territory of 900 square meters there are government office, Chapel, arsenal and stables. Streltsy with a «firing» will come into positions on two 10-meter three-storey towers, the garrison will stand on a guard duty at the gate and arsenal and the Russian governor, who lives here will control everything.

On the territory of the festival:
• Reconstruction of the Fortress with storage room, government office and Chapel;
• European ground works;
• Field camps of Streltsy, Cossacks and European fighters;
• Trading quarter with workshops and stores;
• Playgrounds for children and adults.

In program:
• Training sessions for everyone: exercises with rifles and pikes, archery, blacksmith and armour workshops;
• Walk through the Fortress;
• Nonstop craft workshops and demonstrations, historical souvenirs;
• Trainings of reenactors from different armies of 17th century;
• Horse trainings and performances of Hussars from Poland.

Information for foreign participants: link.

  • 24-25 of August — arrival of participants
  • 26-27 of August — opening days of the festival
  • 27-28 of August — departure of participants

Foreign participant’s coordinators:

24 August, Thursday
28 August, Monday