St George’s Tournament

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29 April, Sat
01 May, Mon
Add to calendar 2017-04-29 10:00:00 2017-05-01 18:00:00 Europe/Moscow St George’s Tournament The best Russian and world’s knights are to compete again in jousting, mêlée, duels with two-handed weapons at the third tournament in Kolomenskoye park. The Tournament will last for 3 days! For the first time there will be programs of «deep immersion» into the Middle Ages, a knightly stable and medieval kitchen. Kolomenskoye, Moscow Ratobor

7 days till the beginning

8 495 215-29-26

Kolomenskoye, Moscow

The Tournament will last for 3 days this year! The most famous Russian and world’s knights will compete in jousting with solid lances, in mêlée and duels with two-handed weapon. Besides there will a hunting performance, which is fit in the Tournament’s legend.

Knightly tournaments are military contests, but this is not all. Every year we strive to engage visitors deeper into the Middle Ages. This year there will be a deep immersion program for guests. Those who want, will be dressed up in medieval costumes, sit on the authentic tribune and enjoy the spectacle at close range. If you want to participate in the program, mail to with the heading «Deep immersion».

Battle horses are specially trained, knights prepare for them authentic harness, saddles, protection — this takes many years. For the first time a stable will be represented as a location at the «St. George’s Tournament—2017».

Here you will meet with experienced knightly horses — real medieval tanks.