Military-history festival

07 September, Thu
17 September, Sun

8 495 215-29-26

Crimea, Balaklava district, Fedyuhiny heights

There will be tremendous battles, military exercises of different peoples, everyday life and games of old times. The exact format is unknown yet, but the sun, sea and fun for reenactors are guaranteed!

Main locations

As formerly, Fedyuhiny heights will be divided into locations dedicated to different epochs and nations, important for the Crimean history. We are going to preserve all epochs of the last year. These are Antiquity, Russian and European Middle Ages, the Crimean War, the WWI and WWII, the Afghan War, the Cold War.

The Antiquity will be focused on adversaries of Rome. At the early Middle Ages location visitors will see a Byzantine camp. The novelty of the Crimean War — a Russian dressing station and Zouaves’ field theater. Also a glorious Sevastopol tradition will be introduced into practice here — an everyday cannon volley at noon.


Playground and camping

This year special attention is paid to children — at each historical location will be arranged playgrounds dedicated to the epoch. We are also working out a camping for our guests, so that they can stay in tents near the festival.

Loco Cimbali

In the context of the festival a new location of the XV century will be opened — Loco Cimbali. Fedyuhiny heights used to be the northern boundary of the consulate Cembalo 500 years ago. It will be a Genoese trade outpost with a farm and inn. The Genoeses are going to grow grapes and make wine, so far as a winepress has been built last year. This year they also begin to deal with livestock.

The building yard will be open!

The 15th century building yard will be open to visitors of the festival. There you can work with the Genoese: cut local stones with a medieval chisel and lay it in the fence; help the carpenter to make benches, cook a dinner according to medieval recipes. Or you can just walk around Loco Cimbali and listen to stories from the inhabitants. This amazing settlement will become a part of the huge military-history park.

medieval farm

Military-history park

CrimeaFest is only a small fraction of what will happen in the largest Russian military-history park at Fedyuhiny heights. Its development will begin in 2017.

The Roman castrum and the fortifications of the Crimean War are already built, and Loco Cimbali will be added soon. In the coming years, these sites will begin year-round work, and with them locations of Ancient Rus, Civil War, WWII and Afghan War.

For our guests, there will be relax-zones, picnic grounds and camping so that they can stay in tents near the festival.

In the park there will be a modern parking and information center, eco-hotels and inexpensive camping. Creative and craft sections for children along with lessons and conferences will be held in the cultural center. A large-scale playing ground is being elaborated.

A siege machine is cooler than a banal seesaw, and digging out a model of the Scythian mound is more fascinating than poking around in a sandbox. Some objects will be mobile: children will be able to travel from Antiquity to Ancient Russia by the Trojan horse, and then go on in the drakkar.

stay tuned

Stay tuned!

The program of the festival and content are in development, keep an eye on this page.